What We Love About Christmas: Shopping

Chelsea Tabert tells us about the dreaded Christmas shopping, and why she loves it…


I think one of the reasons so many of us dislike, or downright hate Christmas shopping is because of the way in which Christmas has become commercialized. We are all expected to empty out our wallets for the holidays, and if we can’t afford it – pull out the credit card, or throw it on layaway. Last time I checked, Christmas was not about how many credit cards you can max out over the season. Christmas is a time of giving, and gratitude. This is why I actually enjoy Christmas shopping.

Sure we would all love to have the latest iPad wrapped up under the tree, 15 of the latest albums and a new car (yeah right!) but that’s just not happening. What those of you who hate Christmas shopping don’t realize is that you’re doing it wrong!
For me, I love taking the time to browse through shops and markets to find the one perfect gift for whomever. For me, it takes time, consideration, and a little budgeting in order to make giving gifts the most enjoyable that it possibly can be. Instead of buying my sister the latest iPod to throw into her bin of other electronics (not to mention throw other places when she’s angry), I’d prefer to spend my money on something that comes from the heart. Shall we call it, handpicked?

Maybe I’m the only one in my young generation who still sees the world through rose coloured glasses, but reality check – why are you spending money you don’t have, on people you don’t like, just to be keeping up with the Jones’?

I clearly remember one Christmas right after my parents split when I was about 12 or so. I woke up expecting piles of gifts and presents, but instead there was only one tier of presents shoved under the tree. I was so angry. What a ridiculous thing to be angry over. Looking back now I actually feel incredibly ashamed in myself. This wasn’t a one-time scenario either. Sure you could call me a spoiled brat but in reality, that is what I had learned at that young age. Christmas = lots and lots of presents.

I’ll admit that I too am guilty at times for over spending and taking advantage of the holidays, and feel the pressure from friends and family to buy them more. Somehow our society has been taught to think that more presents mean more love. What a corrupt thought. Besides, all the societal nonsense we have in this world, I still think that one handpicked item, given with true love and appreciation has more meaning than all the latest gizmos and gadgets in the world.

“I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.” – The Beatles.

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