What We Love About Christmas: Decorations

There are many things we all love, and hate about the Christmas season. Chelsea Tabert tells us about the magic of Christmas decorating…

Christmas decorating can be a very magical part of the holiday season

Christmas decorating can be a very magical part of the holiday season

Christmas is a season that needs to evolve slowly so we can savour each step of the way. Why should we be left waiting around for the approved official date to start decorating? To me, holidays need to be given the proper time to be enjoyed, rather than start and stop abruptly on one particular day.

Christmas is a season of gratitude and magic, not just a single day for shopping, eating or decorating. Everyone has their own adaptation of Christmas, and the decorations that come along with it. The Christmas tree – fake, real, green or white – is what really sets the mood for Christmas, not to mention the time you get to spend with your loved ones decorating the silly thing.

From the start of our primary school days we are gleaming to come home and place our shammy-looking wool ornaments on the Christmas tree, right in the perfect place. No matter how ratty looking they may be, it’s the Christmas spirit that brings them beauty. It’s a shame that only as we get older that we realize these things. We begin to appreciate the half torn up paper angel just barely hanging off the branches; we see the importance is not the gifts under the tree, but the love and joy that are placed upon it.

Shimmery garland and delicate snowflakes will undoubtedly turn any house into a home for the holidays. Besides, nothing says Christmas more than a tree full of twinkly lights, or the battered up wreath that hangs on the back of the door every year. Imagine sitting in front of the Christmas tree this year, all snuggled up with a warm cup of tea, colourful lights, glistening ornaments, and a hint of Christmas carols playing in the background. What a true delight.

When it comes to the holidays there will never be a correct time, date, or way in which to decorate. What we really love the most about decorations is the magic and comfort it brings to a home and the love of family that fills the room.

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