Review: The Minutes in Monroe’s


The Minutes played a smashing gig in Monroe’s recently and Sin’s Gerard Francis Timothy was there. Here’s his review of the night…

What We Love About Christmas: Shopping


Chelsea Tabert tells us about the dreaded Christmas shopping, and why she loves it…

Poetry – ‘The Bells on my Harness’


It’s that time again; the lights are up, the songs are being piped out of the shops and Santa is starting to put the elves to hard work. But what about the reindeer? This week Michael Healy wonders if its all not looking a little bit like a reindeer Christmas chain-gang…   The Bells on […]

What We Love About Christmas: Decorations

Christmas decorating can be a very magical part of the holiday season

There are many things we all love, and hate about the Christmas season. Chelsea Tabert tells us about the magic of Christmas decorating…

Fiction – My Week With Minions


Who wouldn’t love a pack of little, yellow, evil masterminds to worship your every scheme? If not then you clearly need to get acquainted with Despicable Me ASAP. This week Shannon McHugh writes how she would spend a week with minions by her side.

Yellow Brick Road: Procrastination Station


It’s procrastination time again, as Hazel Doyle discusses in her latest ‘Yellow Brick Road’ column…

End of Semester Drama Festival

Theatre Seats

Theatre students from various courses will present a range of exciting work over the next two weeks beginning on 19 November…

Art on Campus


NUI Galway will open two art exhibitions in the next week. Karen McDonnell reports…

Review: Reflektor


Arcade Fire have been causing quite a stir with their recent album Reflektor. Tom Murray reviews it for Sin…

The End of an Edna

Edna Krabapple

Sin’s Brenna Dolan pays tribute to Simpson’s star Marcia Wallace…