A New Year, New Writing





It’s that October weather out there. The mist is simply gusting across campus and the deadlines are due in a matter of days; the library’s filling up and the coffee is in hand. So let me take this coffee break to welcome you to Sin’s Creative Corner.

With the newly re-vamped Sin.ie enjoying its first few weeks, I am taking the opportunity to give this corner a makeover, a cut and blow-dry, a pair of literary heels and a new lease at life.



Last year saw the Creative Corner publish the winners of both short story and poetry competitions run by Sin. Both were both hugely successful and proof of real talent among the student population, but this year I see it as an opportunity for much more than simply posting one or two stories a year. I hope the Corner will become a resource to writers on campus as much as a platform for new writing.

It will be kept up to date with upcoming competitions, resources both online and on the shelf, and a weekly mash-up of news from the world of books and publishing.



The online version of Sin newspaper will be updated as often as material is submitted. (So you have an excellent chance of being published!) We are accepting writing of all shapes and sizes, from satires to stream of consciousness, from haikus to heptameters!

You can submit work to creativity.sined@gmail.com

Fiction: max 3,000 words

Poetry: max 300 words

Looking forward to reading your submissions!



Helen Hughes

Creative Writing Editor

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