New Halloween Fiction – ‘The Submission’


With one day left to go until All Hallows Eve, Liam King’s short story brings the supernatural to NUIGalway, leaving us with the protagonist, Nate, as he climbs up the chilly and fly-infested stairwell of the English Department Tower Block to submit his essay… but something isn’t quite right. 

Halloween Music Playlist

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a much loved, Halloween classic

Halloween is upon us. That spook-tacular time of year when we unleash our inner demons, our inner child or our inner slut, whichever you prefer. Shannon McHugh gives us the ultimate Halloween music playlist…

5 Scary Films for Halloween


Sin’s Michael Farrell gives us a list of the best, scary Halloween films…

Why we Love The Simpsons Halloween Specials

The Treehouse of Horrors episodes are the highlight of every season.

For anyone born in the eighties or nineties The Simpsons will hold a special place within their childhood memories. Sin’s Kieran Kilkelly reminds us why we love the Halloween specials so much…

New Poetry – ‘The Estranged’


As we begin our spiral into the world of the supernatural this Halloween, lets take a moment to remember literatures contributions to the pantheon of ghoulish figures and traditions. This week Kristina Reynolds’ dark poem, ‘The Estranged’, revives the ghost of a lady in white…       The Estranged     These long bitter days, these cold […]

NUIG Rugby 2013/14

NUI Galway Rugby

Stephen Swyer discusses NUI Galway’s men’s rugby team, their successes and what’s in store this season…

“What I’m Looking Forward to Most is a Beer”


Daragh Small discusses the recent release of John Gilligan from Portlaoise Prison…

Why are we so obedient?


Following a very interesting social experiment, James Falconer discusses obedience and why so many of us are obsessed with it…

Jeremy Irons lacking steel

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons visited NUI Galway in September to open the 167th year of Lit and Deb Soc. James Falconer offers his opinions of the debate…

New Fiction – ‘Visitors’


  The hospital. The colours. In this short story by Niamh Clarke, we follow a young girl as she makes her way to Alice’s room… ‘The marks of stool feet stomp out a circle and then another circle and then another.’    I first knew I was there by looking at the floor. The linoleum […]