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Q: I have a job interview scheduled for next week. I’m not quite sure if I want it – the reports I’ve heard about the company have been mixed. The job would represent career progression for me and this is a prospect that appeals to me greatly. I left NUIG only a year ago and I’m delighted to be looking at advancement already. The salary is considerably better also. However, I’m struggling to convince myself that this is a company that I actually wish to work for. Any advice as to how I should approach this?

A: Indeed, this can be a difficult position to find yourself in. It is impossible to ever fully know what a company is like to work for until you actually go there and see how you fare. However, I suggest you use the following as a guide: put your reservations aside and prepare for this interview as if it’s the dream job you’ve been looking for all your life.

Considering that you have decided to accept the invitation to interview, it is really the only approach that is feasible for you. Any other scenario is a waste of your time.

Presenting at interview with a half-hearted demeanour tends to be spotted quickly by interviewers. I have known very able candidates, who didn’t convince interview panels of their eligibility because they allowed this lingering doubt to prevail during their interview.

Ensure that you have done your homework on the company and research them fully. Endeavour to find connections that link your previous experience with the needs of the company. Think about how it can be utilised to bring value to their business.

Make a mental commitment to go in and do the best interview you can do. Create a problem for them. Make them want to hire you: this is the primary goal of every interview you will ever do. If they offer you the job, you can then make your decision, which inevitably will be a more informed one, now that you have had an opportunity to find out more about the company.

If it is a case that you have to reject the job offer, so be it. You can reject a job offer with grace to prevent against burning any bridges. But, from where I’m standing, you are sufficiently attracted by this job to go for the interview – and, you owe it to yourself to give it everything you’ve got.

The only other option available to you, is to politely turn down the invitation to interview as soon as you can. However, if you decide to go for it, my advice would be to give the best performance you can and do yourself proud. Hedging your bets is never a good idea when playing the interview game.

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