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Creative job-searching is, I believe, the veritable “New Frontier”. It can lead to unexplored territories full of un-imagined vistas of possibility.

Picture six people graduating from university with the same qualification. They each have CVs that are relatively similar in terms of quality.

Visualise all six poised and ready at the starting-line, anticipating the sound of the gun. Like lightening the race is on to see who can land the first suitable job.

How do you propel yourself ahead of your peers in this race?

This concept of creative job-searching is a fast-growing phenomenon worldwide. Employers are currently enjoying a buyers market where supply of candidates exceeds demand. Candidates must work so much harder to garner attention.

We, at Sli Nua Careers, have argued so strongly in favour of the merits of creative and multi-faceted job-searching approaches that we have launched a website devoted to the topic – Amongst its many features, it acts as a repository for successful job-searching campaigns.

Take Alec Brownstein as an example. He is a copywriter living in New York. He purchased Google adwords for the names of the city’s five top creative directors.

When they went to google themselves, like many people do on a daily basis, they were brought to an ad optimised to appear on top of the list of searches with Brownstein’s request to ‘hire me’.

Did it work? Yes it worked.

Out of the five he reached out to, four offered him an interview. Two of these offered him a position, one of which he accepted.

Total investment for this job-searching campaign: $6.

Furthermore, the video of how Alec achieved this has been viewed by over one million people.

Snag your dream job through a campaign using YouTube, Twitter and blog accounts. Build a website showcasing your work.

I would argue that going a little beyond your comfort zone to gain positive attention should be given serious consideration. That attention has to be appropriate and seek to complement your skill set. No silly gimmicks.

Effectively executed creative job-searching campaigns have proven time and again to work. Browse through the many campaigns on It might help you to unlock your creative potential and help you take that leap to land your dream job.

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