A brand new social network (that probably won’t appeal to naturists)

Are you getting bored of Facebook and Twitter? Got an interest in fashion? Great! We’ve got just the network for you…OutfitHiveImage

Outfit Hive is a new fashion based social network launched in February 2013. It’s a unique way to share what you wear and see what real, everyday people are wearing too.

If you ever find yourself craving outfit ideas, want to see what others the same size/height/shape/style as you are wearing or even just love browsing clothes like you would in a magazine – you’re going to love Outfit Hive.

And if you like taking photos of yourself and want to showcase your style it’s the perfect place for you too. Outfit Hive is proud of its ‘everyone’s welcome’ environment and encourages people from all over the world to share what they wear. You can never feel too short, tall, big, small, plain or stylish to be an active member!

A main feature of the website is Outfit of the Day – a daily competition with a daily topic such as black dress. Members upload their ‘black dress’ look and the photo with the most likes is crowned Outfit of the Day (and gets featured on the site and on the facebook page).

There are also exclusive discounts and deals for members to use in various fashion retailers (Offer of the Day).

New features are being added all the time. Co-founders Naomi Lisgo (30) and Ruth Martin (29) from Lancashire, England tell us that “soon members will enjoy a newsfeed and many more ways to connect with friends, get outfit inspiration and share opinions. Outfit Hive is still a baby but growing very fast. Now’s your chance to say you joined before it was cool!”

Amongst the many social and fashion websites out there, there isn’t one quite like this.

It’s going to be addictive (especially once all your friends are on there too)…

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