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For issue 12 of Sin, a couple of letters were sent in. We’re always happy to read letters from our readers, even it it’s complaints we’re getting – it lets us know that we have readers…Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

It came to my attention today that a video based on the “Don’t be that guy campaign” by NUIG in association with our welfare officer was posted on youtube and facebook. Having watched this video I was absolutely disgusted as it was nothing more than victim blaming. It was probably made with the best intentions but the finished result was abhorrent and nothing short of disgraceful. As a victim of violence myself while under the influence I find it highly offensive. I said no and they didn’t listen – is it still my fault? Should I still be “embarrassed” ? I think not. Let’s focus on blaming the perpetrator rather than the victim shall we?

Yours sincerely,

A very angry student.


A Chara,

I was surprised and disappointed to see SIN jumping on the bandwagon of Anglo-American anti-Chavez propaganda in the latest edition of the paper that referred to Venezuela’s recently deceased president as a ‘dictator’. This kind of misinformation is unacceptable and SIN, in order to protect its reputation, should apologise and correct the mistake in the next issue. Hugo Chavez was in fact elected president of Venezuela for the fourth time in a row, with 54% of the vote, on the 7th of October 2012.

As a president who spear-headed the cause of not only Venezuela’s but all of Latin America’s poor he came up against serious, organised and wealthy opposition. Chavez also had no fear of standing up to the political and economic hegemony of the United States and this left him in a position to be attacked both ideologically and falsely by enemies of progress the world over. The fact that he had the guts to nationalise the assets of oil companies to benefit the people of his country, while placing him in ideological opposition to those who are in power in our society, does not make him a dictator. Any statement of that kind should be backed up with evidence.

The writer of the article may have simply taken this information from another news service. If this is the case, I hope lessons have been learned.

This lazy approach to journalism can often result in the repetition of others’ mistakes. Or indeed this may be entirely the work of the person whose name appeared under the title. In either case this person should apologise for the mistake.

Le meas,

Senan Mac Aoidh

MA sa Nua-Ghaeilge

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