NUI Galway’s Socs give it socks at the Socs Awards

NUI Galway’s Socs Awards took place last week. Conor Lane brings you the results. The awful headline is purely the fault of the editor…

Film Soc took away the award for "Best Society" this year.

Film Soc took away the award for “Best Society” this year.

The NUI Galway Socs Awards took place last Wednesday in the Clayton hotel in Galway.

There were over 440 people in attendance as everyone celebrated not only the end of the academic calendar but also the best societies in NUI Galway during the year.

The night was a casual affair with the hard working volunteers being rewarded for the combined tens of thousands of hours that they put in to helping their societies throughout the college year.

Riona Hughes offered a lot of vigor and excitement to proceedings as she MC’d the event. FilmSoc were the major winners of the night taking the (Board of Irish College Societies) award for best society and best poster.

Most successful went to Dramsoc. Best new society (BICS) was given to Feminist society. Most improved society (BICS) went to Medicine Soc. Best civic contribution (BICS) was awarded to Draiocht. Cumann Staire (history society) took home a well-deserved best society event (BICS) for their history month.

Among the other winners were Lit and Deb for best online presence (BICS) and the musical society for best media publication.

Some of the special achievement awards given to societies for their specific contribution to student life throughout the year included the hot ticket ward which BizSoc claimed and the dogged determination award that was presented to S:TV for their reporting on student events.

There was a particularly special moment in the night when Thor McVeigh of Rock Sock was handed the lifetime achievement award for his long service and contribution to NUI Galway.

The BICS (Board of Irish College Societies) awards are a nation-wide ceremony and will take place in the Hodgson Bay Hotel in Athlone on 11 April.


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