Burger King hackers have it their way

Burger King were recently hacked on Twitter. Leigh Michael Keeney reports…

Current "blue crescent" logo (July 1...

Global fast-food franchise Burger King found itself in a bit of a pickle yesterday, February the 19, as their twitter account was hacked

The Twitter biography was changed to: “Just got sold to McDonalds because the whopper flopped =[ FREEDOM IS FAILURE.”

The account picture was changed to the golden arches and the background advertised McDonald’s new Fish McBites.

Followers then found tweets to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal as they were of a crude nature, made racial slurs and reference to drug abuse; “This is why we were sold to @McDonalds! All of our employees crush and sniff percocets in the bathrooms.”

Speculation about who was responsible focused on hacker groups mentioned in the tweets such as Anonymous, DFNTSC and LulzSec.

No-one has confessed to being behind the stunt and rumours that McDonald’s were guilty themselves were stamped out when it was noticed that the company name had been misspelled in some of the tweets.

McDonald’s also posted a message on its own Twitter feed which read; “We empathise with our @BurgerKing counterparts. Rest assured, we had nothing to do with the hacking.”

Burger King has now restored its old picture and bio. They then tweeted, “Interesting day here at Burger King, but we’re back! Welcome to our new followers. Hope you all stick around!”

Illegitimate tweets have since been deleted. You could say that the perpetrators just took Burger King at its word; “Have it your way.”

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