Sin launches new website

After many months of planning and preparation, Sin Newspaper can finally introduce it’s new and updated website, James Falconer reports…

Sin’s new website will be interactive and keep you up to date with the latest NUI Galway news

Sin Newspaper is to launch its long-awaited, new and improved website,, this week.

Since the rise of the internet, a lot of newspapers have been in decline. Their way back to supremacy has been through the immediacy of online newspapers.

Online journalism certainly rivals that of material published in newspapers. Moreover, in many cases, online content can now be considered as journalism at its best.

In fact, many of the great articles available in newspapers make their way to the World Wide Web and as a result, this content has been made accessible to a much larger readership.

After Jessica Thompson got the position as Sin editor, it was her intention to establish an interactive Sin website and leave a legacy of online journalism in NUI Galway.

Having attained relevant experience in online journalism by founding her own online newspaper,, Jessica approached the SU with her idea just before Christmas and told them exactly what she wanted done.

The SU gave her the assistance she required and finally, after a lot of preparation, will be up and running at the end of this week.

The website will be linked to the Sin Facebook and Twitter pages so readers can like, share, and tweet articles published on

Imagine you have something you want to say in response to an article published on – you will now be in a position to comment on it straight away. There will be no need to grumble and/or get angry – now you will be empowered and the student voice will be heard. The interaction will be instantaneous and will inevitably lead to healthy discussion and debate amongst students.

A major positive of the new will be its ability to link to other NUI Galway websites, such as,, s:tv, and the Alive volunteer site, providing more exposure for everyone.

Jessica is going to up-skill the current team of subeditors to use the website and each writer will have an account. The whole editing process will be done online through word press and it will be much more efficient for the editorial team.

If you are enthusiastic about an article, share it with your friends both near and far. This is a great opportunity to promote NUI Galway and its many delights.

Jessica went on to state that: “We have an array of talented writers with varying views so making articles more accessible to the wider public is an objective of The more likes Sin has on facebook, the more people are going to look at the website and this will mean greater recognition, not only for the website, but for our writers themselves.

“No longer will readers have to flick through pages of Sin online to find an article. The articles will ‘stand-alone’ and simply require a click of a mouse.”

It’s time to take Sin out of the Dark Ages and into the world of 21st century online media. Please follow Sin on Facebook (Sin Newspaper, NUI Galway) and Twitter (@sin_news) and spread the word. And don’t forget to check out in the process.


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